Casino Gaming


Portfolio Alignment Strategy

Utilize our market research and expertise to ensure your existing or new game portfolio has the right alignment to your strategy. Often times, the attributes of the games needed to provide the breadth and depth of the portfolio are either lacking usable direction or are too restricted in areas of perceived importance, creating a gap in the alignment between the portfolio goals and the execution of design and development. We work with your Product/Portfolio Management and Game Development teams to identify those gaps, and help you formulate and adjust existing processes to streamline the connection between portfolio strategy and execution.



Experience Testing

Creating slot games requires a lot of time, energy, and budget. Our team of game design experts understand player demographics and needs from low denom to high denom, from low volatility to high volatility, from progressives to wheels to free games and everything in between. If you have a need to de-risk a game, or series of games we can help you do that. Utilize the expertise of Circle 8 Games to increase the success of your games before you submit for regulatory approval.

Game Design & Direction

Circle 8 Games’ team of experts work with your internal teams to assist in, co-design, or fully design games you are currently developing or just starting. Establishing a design direction and ensuring your game is continuously moving in a direction that meets your goals may be a risk on one or more of your game projects. Likewise, a game in progress may be struggling to mature and need a fresh set of design eyes to evolve. We partner with you to provide design direction, establish which features to package together, directing evolution of creation from concept to final polish prepared for release, achieving the goals and budget required.


Game Development


Video Reel Slots

Circle 8 Games has a proven team of video slot design and development experts with a long standing track record in Class III and Class II games. Whether your leased games, licensed titles, or trade sale portfolio needs a boost, Circle 8 Games will design and deliver high quality games your players will line up to play.

Mechanical Reel Slots

In the lost art of stepper slots, there are very few companies with proven track record and passion for mechanic reels. Our unique experience in leading design and direction for the top Class III and Class II gaming companies across leased, licensed titles, and trade sale games will be an incredible value add to your portfolio.